An Interview with Little Green – January 2017

This is going around Facebook but I wanted to post it here to give some insight into Little Green.

(Plus, I’m cheating a little. I wanted to post something after fucking posting nothing for too long. I’ll be back on track soon.)

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say about you…

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Good Night, Sleep Tight – Bedtime at the Greens


What’s bedtime like at your house with your six, seven, eight, nine year old? I bet it’s nothing like mine, and I really don’t want you to silence me by telling me that you understand because your two year old was similar.

I’ve been living with a kid who doesn’t sleep through the night for over nine years now, and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

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Blogging vs. Real Life: Round One (Ding)

Ding! Time's Up!

Real life: 1, This blog: 0

My plan as I build and grow Little Green Walker has been to publish posts consistently on Mondays and on Thursdays.

Real life has stepped in to steal the time I’d planned to use to write Monday’s post.

But I’m stubborn as fuck and I didn’t want to skip a day, so this is going to be ramble about why I almost wasn’t able to post. (Hint: It has to do with Little Green and a sick day and school rules.)

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A Scene from Our Life: The Coloring Book Incident

A pile of coloring books

This post was a hard one to write because I had to reach into my guts and spill out a story about how Little Green’s tantrum destroyed what was supposed to be a happy moment for both of us. Even as I type that sentence I cringe. But I want to push myself to share the darkness as well as the light. Fuck pretending everything is always OK, which is how I mostly live my outer life right now – it’s fine, it’s no big deal, it’s great….it’s not.

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