Opinions are like….

…well, you know how the saying goes.

I have a lot of opinions. I have a lot of thoughts – about my family, my child, politics, the arts, the world.

I apparently wear a sign that everyone else can see that says “She’s wrong! Whatever she says, you disagree! Make sure she knows that her thoughts are invalid, upsetting, rude, problematic, or just plain incorrect.”

It’s exhausting. I constantly am surrounded by people speaking their minds about all of the above, but if I dare to counter – or even just to suggest a slight difference – I wind up feeling like a failure. I’m challenged or questioned or clucked at or shouted down.

I’m questioned about my kid’s diagnosis. I’m wrong about the movies I like. The stores I want to shop at. The articles I want to write. The ways I want to live my life. Just…wrong.

I speak out and then I’m instantly sorry. You’re right, I’m wrong, I should never have bothered. I try so hard to just smile and nod and agree and be agreeable – but I don’t understand why that’s something I have to do but you don’t. Why can you make me feel like crap?

Update in case you’ve read this far is that I’m still at the job and it’s going well but LG is home all summer with no camp, so I get home from work and have to snap into mom mode instantly. I’m thrilled to be working – and to be nearly out of debt! – I’m just tired. So tired. Of everything and everyone.

Just Give Me a Minute and I’ll Get Back to You

I, like a whole lot of the country, am reeling from Tuesday’s election results.

I’ll have part two of my money post for you soon. I just didn’t have it in me to write about money this week.

For now, I’m not only going to yell and kick and scream and donate and try to make a difference but also celebrate because my birthday is this weekend and I have shit to do.

Here’s a little update for your troubles: I’m pretty sure I’ve found a health insurance plan on the exchange that will work for my family – affordable, accepted by Little Green’s doctors and therapists, and reasonable benefits (not great, but….reasonable). It’s a start.

See you next week.