The Little Green Walker Cast of Characters

Me: For now, let’s call me The Mama, though I’m so much more than a mother. I’m in my 40s, living in the southern United States but born a northerner. I’m a freelancer hoping to get back into the workforce. I consider myself a writer to the core (and I have the degrees to back that up, but not the publications), and I’m also a proofreader/editor, a crafter, a Reiki practitioner, and a voracious reader. I’ve been married to Mr. Green for more than 10 years and partnered with him for more than 20. I have one child – Little Green – and she has dystonic cerebral palsy, which is the rare form of CP. Nobody knows what the cause was. You’ll learn more about me as we go.

If you’d like to chat or comment or just say hello, I can be reached here. Be kind.

Little Green: A ball of love, a tornado of tantrums, an anomaly. She came into this world without much of a fuss and then made up for lost time when she turned one by turning our lives upside down. She’s fantastic, smart, snarky, adorable, beautiful, and complicated. When she was diagnosed, the neurologist told us, “She’ll walk, she’ll run, she’ll play tennis.” She does some of the above and is consistently making progress in all things gross and fine motor, though I suck at tennis so I don’t know if she’ll ever really play it.

Mr. Green: Sometimes – but not always – patient. A freelancer like me, which makes all things financial super exciting (read: difficult). As complex as the rest of us. He has his own stories to tell.

The boys: Our two cats, who will likely make appearances in photos from time to time. One has a heart condition and needs periodic EKGs, one had diabetes that we managed to reverse with careful monitoring because in the Green household we don’t half-ass anything.