The Two-Pound Creep


Weight loss and body image – touchy subjects, right? An essay about these two topics has been brewing in my head for a while now and I need to let it out. If you find talking about such things to be boring or not interesting or self indulgent or whatfuckingever, there are other posts on my blog you might like better – or maybe you just need to go read some Obiden memes and be done with it.

I have struggled with weight loss and body image more than I ever expected to, and I want to talk to you about it. (I also want to be honest – I’m not 100% in love with how this post came out, but I’m always the worst critic of my own words and…I really need to get back to regular posts here, so you’re getting it. I may edit or tweak it in the future. And away we go!)

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Holy Crap, It’s December (And I’m Still Here)

So I fell off the twice-a-week posting schedule because of Thanksgiving. I did. Mea fucking culpa. Little Green was home all day every day for nine days straight and I just couldn’t brain enough to write anything coherent.

(I also couldn’t manage to get a photo for this post but I decided posting something was more important than holding off because I was missing a damn picture.)
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Good Night, Sleep Tight – Bedtime at the Greens


What’s bedtime like at your house with your six, seven, eight, nine year old? I bet it’s nothing like mine, and I really don’t want you to silence me by telling me that you understand because your two year old was similar.

I’ve been living with a kid who doesn’t sleep through the night for over nine years now, and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

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Just Give Me a Minute and I’ll Get Back to You

I, like a whole lot of the country, am reeling from Tuesday’s election results.

I’ll have part two of my money post for you soon. I just didn’t have it in me to write about money this week.

For now, I’m not only going to yell and kick and scream and donate and try to make a difference but also celebrate because my birthday is this weekend and I have shit to do.

Here’s a little update for your troubles: I’m pretty sure I’ve found a health insurance plan on the exchange that will work for my family – affordable, accepted by Little Green’s doctors and therapists, and reasonable benefits (not great, but….reasonable). It’s a start.

See you next week.