A Quick and Happy Update


I reconnected with a lead I had before I accepted Job1 (that went away, as noted in the previous post).

Everything moved very quickly and within a handful of days I found myself with a signed contract for a part-time in-office position that has solid potential to become full-time and permanent.

MEANWHILE. Job1 CAME BACK. The recruiter called me to tell me that the issues had been worked out and Job1 wanted me to come back for a meet and greet. I scheduled it, reluctantly (but keeping that bird in my hand). Then I let that bird fly – I got the other offer and I canceled the meet and greet.

This will be the first time since LG was about 3 months old that I have worked outside the home. I am terrified in that I am usually home to take care of all that she needs, from filling out paperwork to running a change of clothes to her school. Now it will all be on Mr. Green’s plate.

I am also now deep in finalizing LG’s Medicaid paperwork so I can turn it in. It’s due in two weeks. I’m just waiting on a very small handful of papers and it will all be done. Then I’ll send MG to deliver it in person. It’s…scary. I am worried. I am worried both about this round of renewal and about the future of the waiver program in general. I am SO worried.

(But I have a job. And it is a writing job. And it pays really well, so maybe we can fix some of the things that have gone wrong in the past few lean years.)

LG’s IEP meeting went beautifully. I still need to write about that.

I will be busy for a bit. Then I will blog again. This is very important to me. I have lots to say.