Support LGW & Save Money

Because Mr. Green and I are both freelancers and cash is always tight, I try to save money on what I buy whenever I can. Below are referral links for apps and sites that give cash back for groceries and online shopping. I personally use and vouch for each of these. If you sign up using any of the provided links – click the link or the image! – I’ll get some cash and you’ll get a bonus as well – plus you’ll save money too!

Ibotta is awesome. Cash back on groceries, alcohol, and online shopping. Lots of rebates for “any” item within a category, including fruit and vegetables. Buy whatever you usually buy, open Ibotta and unlock the rebates for those items, use the app to snap a pic of your receipt and upload it, get your money (with $20 cashout threshold). You can also earn cash bonuses (redeeming a certain number of rebates, working together with friends, buying certain items, and more!). My favorite rebate app. Hooray! Click the image or link to sign up!


Ebates is also amazing. Cash back when you shop online. SUPER easy: Start at the Ebates website, search for and then click through to the site on which you’ll make your purchase, and get a bit of money back (with a $5 cashout threshold). That’s it. Win!



And then there’s Swagbucks – I’ve been using for almost ten years! If you’re already going to do a web search, might as well get something back for doing it, right? I’ve been a Swagbucks user for years, and these days I earn an average of $50 a month – a $25 Amazon gift card and $25 in cash – by doing searches, watching videos, and printing (and redeeming) coupons. (You get 10 Swagbucks for every coupon you print through the site and redeem at the grocery store.) Yay!


OOOH AND I LOVE Shopkick. The Shopkick app is super easy to use. Install it on your Android phone or iPhone. Remember to open it at the door of one of various stores listed in the app (or, very rarely, inside the store in a specific spot) and you’ll be rewarded (via a little blue bubble on the screen) with “Kicks.” You can also scan the barcodes of items for additional Kicks. Then – best part! – you can turn the Kicks into gift cards. Shopkick is how I fund my Starbucks habit. I can’t justify paying money for overpriced (yet delicious and overly sweet) coffees, but I can turn my Kicks into $5 Starbucks gift cards every other month or so and enjoy a treat. You may instead want to turn your Kicks into a Target gift card or something more suited to your needs, that’s your business. Enjoy!