This Time of Year Freaks Me Out: Health Insurance & the Medicaid Waiver

The Fall Light

Warning: Contains lots and lots of words, and some of those words are of an adult nature. Fuck yeah.

October, November, and December. The end of the year should be for celebration and fun and riding the wave to the new year. Halloween! My birthday! Thanksgiving! Hanukkah! New Year’s Eve! Driving around to see the decorated front yards and then the pretty lights (until Little Green screams that she wants to go home). The weather getting a bit cooler. These are all very nice, very happy things. I do like this time of year.

Alas. This time of the year now has a big greasy gray cloud hanging over it, and it’s always whispering doom messages in my ear.

For the past six or so years, the last few months of the year have brought super extra stress – and I’m not talking about the “what presents do I buy the family?” stress.

I’m talking about the fun and excitement (not fucking at all) of both open enrollment for regular old health insurance and renewal of Little Green’s Medicaid waiver.

Both. Suck. Ass.

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