Playdates and Tantrums and Neurotypical Friends

The Aftermath of a Tantrum
The Aftermath

Little Green has been in an inclusion class since she was three and moved from the birth-to-three early intervention program into preschool. Now she’s nine and in the third grade. She’s with her neurotypical peers more than half the day (specials, lunch, recess) and pulled out for therapies and small group academic work. She also has gone to an inclusion camp for the past four years. It’s what has, thus far, worked well for her, and we are all very pleased and proud.

As a result of these wonderful inclusion programs, LG has made a lot of friends who do not have disabilities but who know and understand her for who she is, which is wonderful. Those friends actually want to be around her, and she thrives in their presence at school and at camp (and beyond). When she’s with her peers, she walks more, she talks more, and she works hard to keep up with those around her.

But away from the structure of school or camp, playdates are a nightmare, and Mr. Green and I are at a loss.

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