Ritalin and Cerebral Palsy – Three Week Update

Pink Flower All Alone

Little Green has been faithfully taking her Ritalin, which we call her “super vitamin,” at breakfast at home and then at lunch at school for about three weeks now. (We call it this because she already takes a daily multivitamin and she takes the Ritalin at the same time in the morning. We also call it this because that’s what I do – give funny names to mundane things. For example, I call her SMOs her “feets.” I am not trying to trick or confuse her. She knows it’s medicine. It’s just how we roll.)

What I am learning is that I wanted this pill to magically take away all the tantrums and to calm my child all day, every day. Are you laughing at me yet? Go ahead and laugh. I’m ridiculous. I said something like this at the recent IEP meeting, and the principal smiled at me and said kindly, “There is no such thing.”

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