Things Change So Quickly (aka Medium Purple Walker)

I feel like I’m constantly trying to catch up and wrap my head around how fast my life is changing.

Money Update

Last November, I wrote about our bonfire of credit card debt and how frustrated I was with our money situation.

Today, just about August, we’re out of debt. OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT!

OK. Not 100%. I have to be honest. But 99.9%

  • I think there will be a tiny amount of interest to pay next month on the card that had the 5-digit debt (but I’d futzed with everything to get a 4% interest rate, so it shouldn’t be so bad). Then that card will be retired.
  • We have one card in Mr. Green’s name with 0% interest that’s down to under $1,000 – I’d made him open it after being frustrated that I was carrying all the debt plus that big hit to my credit score, and we found a card with 0% balance transfer fee + 0% interest…but his credit was so skimpy that he got a really low limit. Still, at the time, it gave us a bit of breathing room. And now it’s all we really have, and the no-interest period has nearly a year left so I’m in no rush to knock that one out.
  • I do still use one card for purchases (I am not a cash-only lady). It’s because I prefer to use a credit card for online shopping rather than a debit card in case of fraud/hacks – I’d rather someone run up that balance and deal with the credit card company than have my bank account emptied. Anyhoo, I pay this off as I go. Put $50 on, pay $50 within a few days. I don’t use it because we can’t buy things. And as a result, I actually can enjoy the rewards from that card. I’m not just turning them back into drops of water on the bonfire!

Basically, I made that debt a priority with every paycheck I got (I get paid weekly) and every paycheck Mr. Green got (he gets paid…..whenever his clients pay him). I used our tax refund (which was larger than we expected – yuck, I’d rather have had more money to NOT GET IN DEBT IN THE FIRST PLACE during the year than get a big chunk back after the fact) to make a big dent in it, too.

I also learned from my past mistakes (many years ago I got a small – SMALL – inheritance from a relative and used it to pay off debt all at once. because we had no savings, the debt just grew right back from that stump.) and so I have also been steadily building our savings accounts up. I now have three months’ worth of expenses saved and am working on a few different savings goals now.

Not having the large credit card payments has suddenly given us some breathing room we haven’t had in eons. I actually allowed myself to do some online shopping and I almost don’t feel guilty about it. I bought mostly things I need for work (clothes) but I may have also bought some silly things just for fun. (I still spent maybe $100 total. Let’s not get crazy here.)

(I next need to get rid of shit again. Back to KonMari, thanking the things, releasing the things, etc. I have a bag to donate but it needs to be five bags.)

Goals: Save for a rainy day. Save for a vacation. Save for our next car lease. (That’s another story for another day, but I love leasing.) Save for maybe buying….a house? Stay out of debt.

Job Update

In my last post, I mentioned that my boss couldn’t write and also made me cry one time (it was more than one time by the way). They were also a liar. A big fat pants on fire liar. They weren’t doing their work, they didn’t know how to do their job, and they were lying in the most blatant of ways. And projects were slipping. And they were asking me and co-workers to do their job. And they were trying to hide their incompetence (which is part of the reason I got yelled at/cried – they felt I was letting the Big Boss know we were behind – something the Big Boss needed to know. Something the Big Boss told me recently was not my fault.)

Well shit does eventually catch up with you. The Big Boss figured it out and my boss is now gone. GONE. This is a very recent development, and for the short term it does mean a lot of extra work because we’re all picking up the slack now that the boss has left (not that they didn’t their fucking work ever anyway). But this should make some things better after three-ish months of having an extra layer of issues. All jobs have ups and downs. Not all bosses are great people. Sometimes you have to suck things up. But this situation was pretty fucking extreme. (Liar. Fucking liar.)

Noises are made every so often about my getting hired from contract to perm. I have a meeting set to discuss what that actually means. For the first time, I sort of feel like I have space to push back and not just say yes yes yes. A co-worker is about to go on medical leave, the boss was fucking FIRED, and I’ve been told I do great work. I want to establish that I expect a salary that is on par with what I’ve provided so far and what I will continue to provide – even if it can’t match the rate I’m being paid as a contractor.

Even in my hardest weeks, I’ve been able to step back and feel accomplished. In learning, in producing, in getting back on the career track.

It’s nice.

Little Green Update

Little Green has outgrown the eponymous Little Green Walker. Nothing here will change, but for the record she now uses a Medium Purple Walker. She’s about to start fourth grade and I am really proud of her. It’s been weird for me – usually the Very Involved Mom, unable to go to the tour or the open house because now I’m the Working Mom. But Mr. Green has handled everything beautifully. We have had many ups and downs in Little Green’s schooling, but she starts a new school and has all new teachers and I am hopeful this year will go well.

Me Update

I’m going to try hypnotherapy to get over my driving anxiety. My first appointment is in a week. I’ll let you know how it goes. The idea of being able to drive to fucking Costco all by myself whenever I want to go makes me so very excited.

Thanks for reading!