An Update for January 2017 – My Job Hunt, Our Insurance, and More

The best laid plans….am I right? I am. I’m right.

I truly want to update this blog two times a week. But real life keeps intervening. I hope you will continue to check in with me as I figure out my journey this year.

Here’s what’s up…

In November, I went for a job interview for a short-term contract as a proofreader (as set up by a recruiter). I would be filling in for someone else during her maternity leave.

In December, after a month of silence during which I thought all was lost, I got the call that they wanted me to come in for a test. I went in, took the test, waited.

A week later, the recruiter called to tell me I had aced that test, that the company was interested, and that we’d talk more after the holidays.

In early January, the recruiter contacted me to ask about my availability. Two days later, she called me to confirm that I had, in fact, gotten the contract. I was to start on January 30. The pay was right, the location was great, the work was interesting. I was thrilled. I told everyone. FINALLY A WIN!

Last week, I went to the recruiter’s office to fill out tax paperwork. As she and I chatted, Little Green and cerebral palsy came up in the conversation. I found out that the recruiter also has a child with a disability, and her family is in the early days of navigating everything. I gladly shared resources and a hug. I left that meeting feeling fantastic – a job, a recruiter on my team, perhaps a new friend?

Last Friday, as I was heading out the door to pick up Little Green, my phone chimed – the recruiter had called. I didn’t answer, but then decided to listen quickly to the voicemail. “I’m sorry, they had budget cuts, they can’t bring you on after all.” I sent Mr. Green to get LG and I cried. When I called back, she basically said the same words. I waited for her to tell me it was a joke or that she’d made a mistake or that in between the voicemail and my call something had changed. No. There is the tiniest of chances that the job could come back to me in a few weeks – apparently the head of the department is unhappy and fighting for me – but for now I’m back to square one.

This is the third time this has happened, but it’s the first time in years that I truly made it to the tippy top of the mountain – the recruiter said it had been down to me and one other person and this time I was the one who was chosen. And suddenly I was shoved off that mountain.

I’ve been on the proverbial floor, curled up in a ball ever since.

I did march on Saturday (I even knitted a hat), and it was great to be surrounded by that force of energy. I carried a sign for Little Green and was disappointed that there wasn’t much in the way of representation for people with disabilities, but I was there. I represented.

Today is Tuesday and it keeps coming up that the job I thought I had is not happening. I had been tying up loose ends and making plans for the next three months, and suddenly it’s all gone.

I am not particularly OK about this, no.

I have new leads lined up already – a call with a new recruiter, an opening at a company with which I have an in, a lead with a friend who needs writers. I mostly just want to give it all up and be a professional couch sitter though.

As for Little Green, she’s doing so well and for that I am thankful. And today is her IEP meeting – which will include discussions of her transition from the elementary school to the next-grade elementary school (our system splits things oddly) – and I am both nervous and not because as you might recall (click if you don’t), I have had a very positive history of IEPs with this school system. But still, this is a big one, and I have so many questions. I will write a post about how that goes sometime soon.

Insurance – well, none of us know what will happen with insurance now, do we? But for today, we have a plan that works for our family, that is affordable, and that finally has the right doctors assigned to each of us (that was a process, but in the end it was taken care of). I am so thankful for the ACA for being there for my family. I am so scared about what the future will bring for us.

The Medicaid waiver – our renewal is, surprise, not until March. I wrote a whole post about this but still felt it was too revealing, even with my anonymity. I will see if I can retool it – there’s a lot to say. But the bottom line is that I haven’t yet done the renewal, it still looms, but I think I am prepared to hit the ground running once the process begins.

I am still here. I plan to continue to blog. Perhaps it won’t be as consistent, but I will be here.